Registration continues for the next school year of 2018-2019. There is a waiting list for K3 and K5. One K4 class is full and about 18 spaces in the secondK4 class. There are a few places in 1st thru 5th grades. If you have a child in these grades, your parish school has a place for you.

The school is fully accredited and offers an excellent academic education as well as religious education and formation. It is worth your effort to take the time to check out what the school has to offer. A lot of changes have taken place. Parents can keep track of their child’s progress and their homework assignments  via the internet. Parents can communicate with their child’s teacher or with the school principal via email.

Tuition and school lunches can be paid for on line. Each classroom has a smart board which will allow the student to interact with the lesson being taught. The 4th and 5th grades use chrome books, and the school will soon be adding other grades to the list for chrome books. Yes a lot of good things are happening in our school.

Remember that Msgr. Larry wants every desk in the school to have student seated in it. If you think that you might have problems paying the tuition, please contact the school principal. Tuition assistance is available. Because of the hardships caused by Hurricane Harvey, tuition for next school year will remain the same as this year. Don’t wait until the last moment to register, there may not be a space available later.