Weekly Bulletin


Greetings of Peace and Joy from Fr. Sanish Mathew, the Parochial Vicar of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Church. Hope and pray that you all are keeping well by the grace of God. May He be with you in all your good works.

First and foremost let me introduce myself to you. I am Fr. Sanish Mathew, belonging to the Congregation of Heralds of Good News, a Missionary society of Apostolic Life. I was born on 16th January 1983 in a state called Kerala, India, known also as “God’s own country,” for its mesmerizing beauty and culture. I am a priest of eight years. I got ordained on 05th February 2009. As soon as I got ordained I was appointed as a personal secretary to our Provincial for one and a half year and from there I was sent for doing my master’s degree in Biblical Theology for two years. My further appointment was in our own Major Seminary, Telengana, taking classes for our Theological Students about Bible for three years. I got a transfer from there to a Destitute Home in Kerala, for the rest of my years, taking care of the homeless people over there and from there I am here in the diocese of Corpus Christi. To be frank, this is my first appointment in a parish outside India.

As we all know that coming from a faraway country like India, it is always hard for someone to get adjusted with a new system, culture, language and many more…But the love and care that I received right from the beginning of my day here from my Pastor Msgr. White and from the parishioners made me to feel at home all the time and gave me the impression that I am not someone new to this parish at all but part of this parish. “Love reduces the distance all the time,” I feel. Thanks a lot for your kind heart and hospitality. I request your valuable prayers for my ministry here in the Diocese of Corpus Christi and I assure you of my humble prayers, especially at the altar of God all the time.

I am sure that we all had a meaningful celebration of the two great feasts of the Church, the feast days of All Saints and Souls day recently on the first and Second of November consecutively. Those feasts are being celebrated in the church precisely with the intention that church is setting apart those special days to remember numerous saints and intercessors whose names are not mentioned specifically in the list. They could represent even our own near and dear ones who lived a spiritual life according to the gospel values. Thus a day is set apart for those saints and those who are yet to become like them. So much so with all souls day, a day is set apart to intercede for all the faithful departed and for all those souls for whom no one is there to pray. And it’s our prayers that console them and support them a lot to enter into His eternal abode.

Now these two feasts remind us of our bounden responsibility to become saints and at the same time to become the intercessors for our dear ones. It’s now our turn to reflect upon our own lives to see whether am I marching towards the same direction that God wants me to do to become His saint here on earth and to become the intercessors for my near and dear ones.

Remember saints are not those people who did the extraordinary things always, but they are those people who did ordinary things in an extraordinary manner. Let’s become saints of God by living our ordinary lives in an extraordinary manner.

God bless you all and have a blessed day ahead.

Fr. Sanish Mathew HGN

Parochial Vicar

Ss. Cyril& Methodius Church