Religious Education Yearly Curriculum

Reaching out to our youth and leading them closer to Christ.


In grades, 1st-grade–8th-grade resources provided by Pflaum Publishing and Loyola Press are used as the liturgically-based catechetical program that will help parents participate in their important role as the first educators of their children.  These will be offered for both in-person and distance learning families.

Supplemental books (Pflaum edition) are used for sacramental preparation in both 1st Communion and RCIA for Children.

The following are the grade-level themes for both 1st and 2nd-year students:

  • Grade One: God our Creator (God is all around us)
  • Grade Two: True Food (Reconciliation & Eucharist)
  • Grade Three: Prayer & Thanksgiving (Spiritual Conversation with God)
  • Grade Four: The Sacraments (Seeing our Blessings)
  • Grade Five: Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy (Serving like Jesus)
  • Grade Six: The Good News (Believing in the Bible)
  • Grade Seven: The Creed (What the Church Believes & Teaches)
  • Grade Eight: Walking with God (Being faithful to His teachings)


  • 2nd year-1st Communion Students Only:

Reconciliation & Eucharist books (Pflaum) *supplement

  • RCIA for children student ONLY:

Reconciliation & Eucharist books (Pflaum) *supplement

The Mass (Pflaum) *supplement


Basic prayer, Scripture, Jesus, Mary and the Saints, feasts and seasons of the Church, and the Mass are covered at each grade level.

For general inquiries, please call the parish office at 361-853-7371.