CCD Yearly Curriculum

Reaching out to our youth and leading them closer to Christ.


In grades K-5th grade we use the Blest Are We series by RCL Benzinger. Each grade focuses on a particular Catholic theme.

Grade level themes relate to the typical experiences and questions of students at the particular grade level. In grades 6th,  7th and  8th we use The EDGE Catholic Middle School Ministry program where we help middle schoolers unleash who they were created to be, in Christ.  Supplemental books are used for sacramental preparation in both 1st Communion and RCIC.

  •  RCIC Student ONLY:

Our Catholic Heritage (RCL) *supplement

At each grade level previously introduced material is reviewed. Basic prayer, Scripture, Mary and the Saints, feasts and seasons of the Church and the Mass are also covered at each Grade level.

The following are the grade level themes of:

Blest Are We Series, THE EDGE:

  •  Kindergarten: In the Beginning
  •  Grade One: Our Church Family and Community
  •  Grade Two: We Gather as Believers
  •  Grade Three: The Church
  •  Grade Four: Christian Morality and our Parish
  •  Grade Five: Seven Sacraments of the Church
  •  Grade Six: VISIONS & THE EDGE
  •  Grade Seven: VISIONS & THE EDGE
  •  Grade Eight: VISIONS & THE EDGE
  •  1st Year Students: Introduction to the Catholic Faith
  •  2nd year-1st Communion Students Only:

Reconciliation & Eucharist books (RCL) *supplement

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